Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Clickbank is one of the Best Affiliate Opportunities

Hard to believe even for me, but until a few years ago I'd not tried Clickbank as an affiliate! Yes, I'd used various affiliate schemes including Amazon with it's starting 4% revenue share (if you do well you can get up to about 8%-9%) and has had cheques from Amazon for over $10,000!

What makes Clickbank a really good start for people looking to make money online using SEO techniques is Clickbank publishers are normally really generous. Where with Amazon you've done well to get 7%+ revenue share (you have to sell a LOT to get that high), with Clickbank the revenue share pretty much starts at 50% and many Clickbank publishers share 75%.

This means to make money from Clickbank takes far less traffic than making money from almost every other affiliate scheme, especially the unfair ones like Amazon.

Only problem with Clickbank is the vast majority of Clickbank products are utter rubbish! You have to search hard for that diamond almost the dirt, but when you find one it can make you quite a lot of money without a lot of traffic.

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